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Personal Tax

Preparation & Planning

Our team provides comprehensive personal income tax services year-round, ensuring accessibility and convenience for our clients. We offer both online and in-person options tailored to your preferences.

​With our extensive experience, we guarantee thoroughness in completing all personal tax returns, ensuring that you receive all eligible credits and maximize your refund. 


Back-filing Past Due Tax Returns 
♦ Our expertise extends to handling returns with significant delays, including cases where returns are up to 20 years overdue.

Amending Tax Returns
♦ If discrepancies or overlooked credits are identified in previous filings, we provide support in amending your returns to rectify these issues.

Assistance With Disability Tax Credit Paperwork
♦ Our team provides guidance and assistance with the necessary paperwork to claim the Disability Tax Credit effectively.

RRSP Year-end Contribution Calculations

 ♦ We offer expert assistance in calculating optimal RRSP contributions to maximize tax benefits.


AgriStability and AgriInvest Returns

 ♦ For clients in the agriculture sector, we provide specialized support with AgriStability and AgriInvest returns to optimize financial outcomes.

Maternity Leave & EI Tax Planning

♦ We offer strategic tax planning services tailored to individuals on maternity leave or receiving Employment Insurance benefits.


Estate and Final Tax Returns

♦ Our services include thorough handling of estate-related tax matters and final tax returns for deceased individuals.

CRA Issued Pre & Post-Assessment Reviews

 ♦ We provide comprehensive reviews of CRA assessments, both before and after they are issued, to ensure accuracy and address any discrepancies.

Annual Review and Tax Rate Comparison for Sole Proprietor Business Structures

♦ For sole proprietors, we conduct annual reviews and tax rate comparisons to determine the optimal timing for transitioning to a corporate structure, maximizing tax advantages.

In-Person: For clients with a larger volume of tax documents or those who prefer face-to-face interaction, our in-person services offer a convenient solution. Simply drop off your documents at our office, and we'll take care of the rest. This option is particularly beneficial for individuals who may not feel comfortable with digital processes yet. You can collect your tax package and sign your returns in person.

Online: These services are ideal for clients with fewer than 30 tax documents, offering a streamlined process where you can securely upload your documents. Upon completion, we provide a digital copy of your return for your review and electronic documents for signature. This option is also well-suited for small business owners who have completed their bookkeeping for the year.

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